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It longed to be embraced by flowers 

Mixed media - 2019
Red oven glove pinhole camera, photograph documenting a performance for the camera, five inkjet prints

It longed to be embraced by flowers are a series of objects documenting a performance for the camera where the artist try to capture images of flower in the garden to fulfil the idea of a red flowery oven glove. The images are project inversely into the void space inside the glove and collected by hand with the use of photographic mediums. A digital camera snaps one long exposed image as a record of the performance.

It longed to be embraced by flowers is a performance for a camera shown as a part of Capturing an Image, a solo exhibition at Lumenvisum gallery in Hong Kong.


Capturing an Image is the culmination of objects, self-documentary images and ephemera presenting Heyse Ip’s practice. He plays on the dual meaning of ‘to capture’ as a starting point to explore other performative gestures besides the ‘clicking of a button’. The collection of absurd apparatus and images reveals the scenarios in which he ‘re-imagines’ the physical act of image making. The series’ of works are as much about the theatrical process as it is about the final image.

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