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I like watching birds and they like watching me

Multichannel installation - 2022
Bird watching tent chair, bird deterrent spikes, taxidermy animal, faux bird shit, corrugated material, rat trap, 2 looped films, 2 looped 3D animations


I like watching birds and they like watching me proposes a world where a particularly bird shaped CCTV camera exists as an owl-like, living hybrid animal (O.W.L.). In this world, the artist is a bird enthusiast. In attempting to capture the image of these O.W.L.s he becomes akin to a hunter. Simultaneously the O.W.L.s are also preying on him and recording his behaviour. Through a combination of 3D animations, faux documentary, fictional CCTV footage and sculptural objects, the installation portrays the fictional dynamics between the artist and the O.W.L.s simultaneously from various perspectives. 

The installation addresses the power dynamics of surveillance in public spaces through a lens of absurdity. The otherwise lifeless CCTV becomes sentient making it seemingly more approachable, begging the question what the original purpose of this aesthetic design is. The tent appears to give some sense of agency back to the artist, giving him the potential to hide away, to be protected by it's camouflaged and therefore the vision of the O.W.L. Yet the attempt is somewhat foolish - to hide in camouflage tent in the city makes you stick out even more. 

This installation was shown during the Royal College of Art 2022 Show.


The bird watching tent is left empty by the enthusiast. It is surrounded by faux bird shit.

Left: The O.W.L. surveils the space as 3D animation loop whilst a faux animal documentary about the O.W.L is boardcasted.
Right: Fictional CCTV footage of the artist performing as if it was seen from a train platform monitor. Ensnared on the bird deterrent spikes is a creature.


The audience puts on the bird deterrent headphones and become part of the bird deterrent architecture of the installation.
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