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If my hand could catch light

Mixed media - 2019
Two inkjet prints, pinhole box camera, photographic emulsion skin in archival box

If my hand could catch light is a series of objects documenting the artist's attempt to 'grab' an image out of thin air. Photographic emulsion was painted on the artist's hand in order to make it light sensitive. A photograph of the hand and in reverse shows the capture image. The remnants of skin is peeled of and displayed within the archival box.

If my hand could catch light is a performance for a camera shown as a part of Capturing an Image, a solo exhibition at Lumenvisum gallery in Hong Kong.


Capturing an Image is the culmination of objects, self-documentary images and ephemera presenting Heyse Ip’s practice. He plays on the dual meaning of ‘to capture’ as a starting point to explore other performative gestures besides the ‘clicking of a button’. The collection of absurd apparatus and images reveals the scenarios in which he ‘re-imagines’ the physical act of image making. The series’ of works are as much about the theatrical process as it is about the final image.

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