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Heyse Ip (b.1995, Hong Kong) is a multi-disciplinary artist working in London and Hong Kong. His current works in moving image, performance, sculpture and sound explore themes such as power dynamics in surveillance and public spaces through a lens of absurdity and humour. Informed by his interest in the idea of a human becoming an animal and a human becoming an apparatus, he creates a deliberate intersection between the digital and the animal, offering alternative narratives around the subjects of his works.

Heyse Ip's work has been exhibited internationally including a solo exhibition in Hong Kong (Lumenvisum Gallery), and group exhibitions in the United Kingdom (Five Years, Dyson Gallery, Bermondsey Project Space), Greece (Space 52), Austria (Medienfrische Art Festival, GRUND1535 residency), United States of America (Montez Press Radio) and Space (Plicnik Space Initiative). He was shortlisted for the Cob Award (2024) and was runner up for the Rossi Asiaghi Award (2018).

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