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New virtual ring 

New Virtual Ring (2019), is a piece of jewellery where a projector is attached to the forearm via two thermoplastic bracelets. A mini projector is mounted on one of the bracelets, projecting an image of a signet ring onto the finger of the wearer. The image of the signet ring is delivered via an HDMI-USB cable attached to a laptop.


The only visible part of the signet ring is an overexposed area of light where the ring could be. The contraption of the bracelet and projector functions more as a strange adornment rather than the ring itself. 

The wearer struggles to maintain the position in which the ring is projected onto his index finger.

Whilst trying to untangle from the tether of wires he inadvertently performs a dance of frustration in an attempt to move the laptop from left to right. 

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